How TORA Works

How it works

Permanently install a one-gang through five-gang wall switch in place of your Somfy or Simu wall switch. 
2-gang switch diagramNote the two-gang switch pictured above 


Each switch contains three components. 

  • At the top is the Shutter up/down Control switch.  This is used to raise and lower your rolling shutters. 
  • The middle component is the toggle switch to allow you to switch between operating with utility (household) power or using the T-600 back-up power. 
  • The third component at the bottom is a receptacle for you to plug your T-600 into the switch to provide back-up power to the shutter motor.

In the event your utility power is out, you simply plug your T-600 into the Input receptacle with the provided power cord.   Press the AC Power button on your T-600 to turn on AC power.  Flip the toggle switch to the right, toward the TORA symbol.  Now operate your shutter up or down.  Do the same for all your rolling shutters.  You have the power when you home or condo electrical provider does not.

When your household power returns, switch the toggle switch to the left to return your rolling shutters to utility power operation.  You can now operate your shutters as usual.  Make sure to plug in your T-600 for charging so you are ready for the next power outage.

US Patent 4,797,567