• T-600 500W Portable Power UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply Lithium Ion Battery Emergency Battery Backup For Electric Motorized Rolling Shutters Hurricane Storm Power Outage Protection Engineered For Rolling Shutter Battery Power System After The Storm 4 USB Ports Electronics and Computers 3 NEMA 5-15R Outputs go power plus hurricane battery backup pwr plus

    Being Prepared is Essential!

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Being Prepared is Essential!

Be Ready During The Storm

Always Power After The Storm

Power ON with Power PLUS

Stronger - Lasts Longer - Lighter

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The PLUS Advantage

NO Storm, NO Power, NO Problem

The T-600 can also be used as an Uninterruptible Power System (UPS), if you lose power - for ANY reason. Plug your home computer into the T-600 and plug the T-600 into the wall. Now your computer will continue to operate. Save your work. Meanwhile, your T-600 is fully charged for your electric shutter use.

The Power PLUS T-600 will operate most all shutter motors. It can also power a 65" LED TV and your cable or satellite box, desktop computer and monitor, and charge your laptop. It can also power lights, run a nebulizer, run a small refrigerator, box fans, plus dozens of other small appliances.

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