TORA Power PLUS T-600

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The Power PLUS T-600 lithium-ion battery circuit design has been engineered specifically to reliably operate rolling shutter motors. Regulated 115 RMS voltage, whether your battery is fully charged or only 10% charged - NO potential under voltage damage to your electric shutter motors!

How TORA Works

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T-600 Specifications

  • Lithium battery 12V 26Ah 288Wh
  • 500W, Peak 1000W
  • Output Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
  • AC Input: IEC 60320 C14 Inlet
  • AC Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50 / 60Hz
  • AC Output Voltage: 110V / 120V 60Hz; 220V / 230V / 240V 50Hz
  • AC Output Ports: (3 ports) NEMA 5-15R
  • DC Output (4 ports): 12V 8A (10A MAX)
  • USB Output (4 ports): 5V / 6.2A, can charge any phone, tablet and IPAD
  • LED Light: 1W, Max can be 3W
  • Solar Input Charging Panel (Optional): Voltage 18V 100W - 250W
  • Transfer efficiency: ≥15%
  • Solar Panel Voltage: 12.75V ± 0.075V
  • Overload protection: Yes
  • Output short circuit protection: Yes
  • Fuse: 8A
  • UPS conversion time: ≤25MS
  • Operational Environment: -14°F - 104°F ( -10°C - 40°C )

The PLUS Advantage

NO Storm, NO Power, NO PROBLEM!

The T-600 can also be used as an Uninterruptible Power System (UPS), if you lose power - for ANY reason. Plug your home computer into the Power PLUS T-600 and plug the T-600 into the wall. Now your computer will continue to operate, allowing you to create and save your work. Meanwhile, your T-600 is fully charged for your electric shutter use.

The T-600 unit, when fully charged, will not only give you the power to open up your electric shutters but give you options to power many other items you deem essential... Putting the PLUS in it's power.

Open the shutters PLUS:

  • Run a 65" LED TV and your cable or satellite box
  • Run the radio
  • Run a desktop computer and monitor, and charge your laptop & tablet
  • 4 USB Ports allow for other device charging
  • Light up the room
  • Run a nebulizer
  • Run a small refrigerator
  • Plus dozens of other small appliances.